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“More than 50 animals are needed to make a fur coat, and just one to wear it”

Homeopathic clinic The owner’s contribution in explaining his/her animal’s  behaviour is very valuable in finding a remedy.  Therefore, the owner has to have a willingness to share, without hurrying, as homeopathic consultations are normally long. The owner’s observation of his animal’s behaviour and its reactions to different stimuli makes the veterinarian’s work easier. The owner’s contribution is of great importance.

Diet Nowadays we can find animal feed which is very balanced nutritionally, but such feed does not take into account the raw materials, which come from chicken farms, fish farms, are treated with hormones, antibiotics…and, in addition, they have flavourizers and preservatives, the causes of many food allergies, added to them.

Ecological animal feed has no additives or preservatives, comes from hunted animals, ecological chicken farms, and fish captured in the open sea in areas with low contamination. Ecological feed is slightly more expensive than high-end feeds, but it is worth it because it is healthier.

Clinical analyses Analyses are necessary and indispensable in order to make a proper diagnosis.

Surgery In many cases, surgery is the most appropriate route and it has saved many lives, such as in intestinal obstructions, twisted stomachs, accidents …
But homeopathy helps before and after the surgery

Ultrasound Ultrasound is a very useful tool in diagnosing or discarding many illnesses (piometras, pregnancies, foreign bodies, tumours…). In addition, it is a non-invasive technique.

Treatment with other medicines (Bioresonance, Orthomolecular medicine, Spagyria, Bach Flower Remedies).

Deworming Deworming medicines, like all drugs, has undesirable side effects. I like to personalize dewormings according to the animal’s habits, where it lives, what it eats, whether there are small children in the family…. I prefer to do an analysis of feces rather than systematically deworming animals that don’t have parasites.

Chiropractic in veterinary medicine

The chiropractic works the nervous system through vertebral adjustments and with it, the health integrates of the whole animal...
What is homeopathy

What is Homeopathy was created between 1790 y 1843 by a doctor and chemist named Samuel Hahnemann...

Homeopathic clinic

To someone who has never been in a homeopathic clinic, the questions we ask and the things we take an interest in may seem a little strange.


Behavioural studies: many animals are capable of communicating in a way that was previously unthinkable. Abilities such as language, which was once considered to be unique to humans, are shared by primates, dolphins and elephants...
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