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“Traditional medicine suppresses and wears down the immune system and living beings’ capacity to cure themselves”

What is homehopathy?

Homeopathy was created between 1790 y 1843 by a doctor and chemist named Samuel Hahnemann.

It is based on the law of similars, or like cures like (not the contrary).

The word homeopathy is derived from the Greek word "homeo", meaning like or similar and "pathos" meaning disease or suffering. This was already being used by Paracelso in the XVI century.

Hahnemann provoked pathogenesis with different drugs. Pathos (illness) genesis (creation); that is, artificial illnesses in healthy individuals. In this fashion, Hahnemann became familiar with the power of different substances, which he later converted into healing remedies.

Once he knew what the substance provoked, he diluted and potentised it.

First, he diluted the substance, thereby attenuating the symptoms produced by the substance, until none of the original substance was left. Then he dynamised it, which potentiated the energy within the substance and increased its healing power.

The healing power of homeopathic remedies depends on their pathogenetic properties, that is, their capacity for provoking symptoms similar to the illness to be treated, but stronger than the clinical illness, in order to be able to displace it. The intensity of the artificial illness that is provoked with the homeopathic remedy depends upon the dilution and frequency of administration of the remedy.

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What is homeopathy

What is Homeopathy was created between 1790 y 1843 by a doctor and chemist named Samuel Hahnemann...

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